While an individual voter may feel that their choice doesn’t make a difference, collectively voters have tremendous power and responsibility. It is important to exercise this right/privilege to vote, but there are many factors and issues to consider, and many ideas to unlearn. 

Many people are socially and environmentally conscious, valuing things like equality, freedom, and justice, but are unable to express these qualities non-verbally. This is where fashion can become a useful tool. 

Instead of being a walking billboard for multi-million dollar companies, why not use your clothing to provoke thought and inspire positive change? 

Unlike Kaepernick’s protests involving the flag, where many fans misunderstood his mission, in this silent protest the intention was clear; the players linked arms in a display of sportsmanship and unity, while the scoreboard displayed several messages. To the players' surprise, they were met with an overwhelming “boo!” from the crowd. 

Dear educators and school staff, 

We recognize the unprecedented challenge all of you will face this school year, and beyond. There is tremendous responsibility on your shoulders. You play a fundamental role in learners' lives, and this year is of extra significance, as you will be tasked with helping students mentally and emotionally navigate the choppy waters of a global pandemic and the turbulence of constant racial injustices.